"You Complete Me" by luthiencalmcacils (NC-17)


I lived an ordinary life. A pediatrician by profession, I owned a ranch with two lovely horses. I was engaged but found out he was not faithful to me at all, so I canceled the wedding. But I have also felt that something was missing from my life like there was a part of me that was missing; there should be more to me but could not figure it out. Sometimes it was very frustrating and other times it would not bother me but I have always had that feeling like I was meant to be somewhere else.

"Narnia Revisited: Trouble in Jodspoor" by Mairenn8 (R)


The kingdom of Jodspoor claims ancestral rights to the lands of Cair Paravel and beyond. Now, the Treaty of Four established by High King Peter is crumbling and Narnia's freedom hangs in the balance. Caspian is at his wits end: the Pevensies are gone, and, strangely, Aslan no longer answers Narnia's call. Will Caspian succeed where others have failed? Will Peter be brought back? Or will Narnia fall to the fanatical and heathen rule of Jodspoor?
Here is adventure, romance, humor, angst and more. It is a tale of loss and love, sacrifice and redemption and above all, of enduring resilience and hope. Enter and enjoy...
NB: A complete story, revised from an original first published in 2009. Being uploaded several chapters at a time.